Long days are always comforted by a spoonful of delicious yoghurt. @fiveamorganics #mmmyoghurt


2.5km in 11mins - now to somehow make 5km in 25min. #brisbane

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I’m listening to ‘The Rite of Spring’ by Stravinksy and I thought I was pretty adept to dissonance in classical music - but this is too much. It’s a mess with too many accidentals and unnecessary syncopation. People initially were in uproar when this ballet first came out - and I totally get it. The more I listen to it it’s like ‘this is fucking fantastic; but I hate listening to it.’ It’s like listening to perfect pitch metal against metal. 

I could probably turn this into a metaphor, but I’m not going to. I recommend listening to it and seeing if you feel the same way.