six word story 04

And it happened again, 

I went inside my own head. It’s what I’m best at. I excell at shutting down, depersonalising, disassociating, and putting on a smile and being polite at the same time. 

The sunsets here are spectacular.
ay gurl lemme smack dat ass


• ◇ Bliss ◇ •
Drink Drank Drunk ★#toomanycocktails #ineedroomservice
Cocktails with a view, of course. #nofilter
OMFG. So good. Grocer & Grind @ Seminyak #bali
Im generally not one for bikini selfies but here I am, the cosmos have obviously started to kick in. #selfie #lolprobablydeletethis #curvesgetthegirls #justjokingimstraight
Have this gorgeous room to myself for a week, right underneath the rooftop bar and yes those are sea views ;)
Oh hello there Melbourne :)
Goodbye Brisbane, hellooooo Bali!

Givenchy spring 2014 rtw backstage

Highrise on highrise: Downtown. San Francisco, 03-22-14.
Tartan-y, no?
by Fernando Socorro  (qbnscholar.tumblr.com)